Dr. Osamu Shimomura Memorial Honoring Museum

Learn about Dr. Shimomura's works
Exhibit Contents
Let's learn about Dr. Shimomura's works !
Several his scientific journals including his first paper (at Nagasaki University) are exhibited, so that you can know more about his experimental works.
What is the Nobel Prize ?
A replica medal and a copy of diploma awarded to Dr. Shimomura are exhibited (Please ask to officer to see these). You can also see precious items that were available for only the Nobel Laureate, such as the program of the award ceremony.
What is GFP ?
His discovery of the green-fluorescent protein (GFP) led to the Nobel Prize. You can learn about the GFP, such as its structure and the mechanism in which GFP fluoresces
Let's see GFP fluorescence !
There is a recombinant GFP solution. Let's see the green fluorescence by irradiating UV light.
The net which Dr. Shimomura caught jellyfishes is exhibited (center).