Natural Product Chemistry
Natural Product Chemistry
Department of Natural Product Chemistry
Course of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Teaching Staff
Name Position E-mail Tel Fax
Takashi Tanaka, Ph. D.
Professor +81-95-819 2432
Yoshinori Saito, Ph.D.
Associate Professor +81-95-819 2433
Yosuke Matsuo, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor +81-95-819 2434
  • Studies on structure, metabolism, function, and application of plant polyphenols
  • Investigation of intra-specific diversity of terpenoids in higher plants
  • Studies on structures and production mechanism of black tea polyphenols
  • Studies on the stereochemistry of plant polyphenols assisted by computational chemistry
Selected Publications
  1. Tsujita T, Matsuo Y, Saito Y, Tanaka T, Enzymatic oxidation of ellagitannin and a new ellagitannin metabolite from Camellia japonica leaves, Tetrahedron 73: 500-507 (2017)
  2. Matsuo Y, Wakamatsu H, Omar M, Tanaka T, Reinvestigation of the stereochemistry of the C-glycosidic ellagitannins, vescalagin and castalagin, Org. Lett. 17: 46-49 (2015)
  3. Era M, Matsuo Y, Shii T, Saito Y, Tanaka T, Jiang ZH, Diastereomeric ellagitannin isomers from Penthorum chinense, J. Nat. Prod. 78: 2104-2109 (2015)
  4. Saito Y, Iga S, Nakashima K, Okamoto Y, Gong X, Kuroda C, Tori M, Terpenoids from Ligularia virgaurea collected in China: the first example of two bakkane derivatives with an anhydride-type ring C and nineteen new chemical constituents, Tetrahedron 71: 8428-8435 (2015)
  5. Saito Y, Mukai M, Iwamoto Y, Baba M, Takiguchi K, Okamoto Y, Gong X, Kawahara T, Kuroda C, Tori M, Germacranolides and their diversity of Eupatorium heterophyllum collected in P. R. China, Chem. Pharm. Bull. 62: 1092-1099 (2014)
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