Pharmacology and Therapeutic Innovation
Pharmacology and Therapeutic Innovation
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Pharmacology and Therapeutic Innovation
Course of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Teaching Staff
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Hiroshi UEDA, Ph. D.
Professor +81-95-819-2421 +81-95-819-2420
Tamotsu TSUKAHARA, Ph. D.
Associate Professor +81-95-819-2473 +81-95-819-2420
  • Chronic pain and LPA or epigenetic regulation
  • Beneficial DAMPs molecule
  • Kyotorphin and opioid research
  • Drug discovery against radiation damages
Selected Publications
  1. Inoue M, Rashid MH, Fujita R, Contos JJ, Chun J, Ueda H: Initiation of neuropathic pain requires lysophosphatidic acid receptor signaling. Nat Med 10: 712-718, 2004
  2. Ueda H, Fujita R, Yoshida A, Matsunaga H, Ueda M: Identification of prothymosin-α1, the necrosis-apoptosis switch molecule in cortical neuronal cultures. J Cell Biol 176: 853-862, 2007
  3. Uchida H, Ma L, Ueda H: Epigenetic gene silencing underlies C-fiber dysfunctions in neuropathic pain. J Neurosci 30: 4608-4814, 2010
  4. Omotuyi OI, Nagai J, Ueda H: Lys39-Lysophosphatidate carbonyl oxygen interaction locks LPA1 N-terminal cap to the orthosteric site and partners Arg124 during receptor activation. Sci Rep 5: 13343, 2015
  5. Ueda H: Lysophosphatidic acid signaling is the definitive mechanism underlying neuropathic pain. Pain 158: 55-65, 2017
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