Hygienic Chemistry and Toxicology
Hygienic Chemistry and Toxicology
Department of Hygienic Chemistry and Toxicology
Unit of Pharmaceutical Health Sciences,
Course of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Teaching Staff
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Morio Nakayama, Ph. D.
Takeshi Fuchigami, Ph .D.
Associate Professor    
Sakura Yoshida, Ph .D.
Assistant Professor    
  • Analysis of selenium component and the effect in fish and shellfishes
  • Identification of selenium-binding proteins in the brain and analysis of the patterns of binding
  • Development of nanovesicular-type glutathione peroxidase mimics
  • Development of survivin targeting agent for the application of new cancer theranostics
  • Development of molecular probe for imaging infection in a prion disease
  • Production of manufacturing system for PET radiopharmaceuticals not using cyclotron facility
Selected Publications
  1. Fuchigami T, Ono H, Oyadomari K, Iwatake M, Hayasaka D, Akbari M, Yui K, Nishi K, Kudo T, Yoshida S, Haratake M, Nakayama M: Development of a 68Ge/68Ga Generator System Using Polysaccharide Polymers and Its Application in PET Imaging of Tropical Infectious Diseases.: ACS Omega. 2(4):1400-1407, 2017
  2. Haratake M, Tachibana Y, Emaya Y, Yoshida S, Fuchigami T, Nakayama M: Synthesis of Nanovesicular Glutathione Peroxidase Mimics with a Selenenylsulfide-Bearing Lipid. ACS Omega 1: 58-65, 2016
  3. Fuchigami T, Yamashita Y, Kawasaki M, Ogawa A, Haratake M, Atarashi R, Sano K, Nakagaki T, Ubagai K, Ono M, Yoshida S, Nishida N, Nakayama M, Characterisation of radioiodinated flavonoid derivatives for SPECT imaging of cerebral prion deposits, Sci. Rep. 5: 18440, 2015
  4. Hori E, Yoshida S, Haratake M, Ura S, Fuchigami T, Nakayama M, An effective method for profiling the selenium-binding proteins using its reactive metabolic intermediate, J. Biol. Inorg. Chem. 20: 781-789, 2015
  5. Haratake M, Yoshida S, Mandai M, Fuchigami T, Nakayama M, Elevated amyloid-β plaque deposition in dietary selenium-deficient Tg2576 transgenic mice, Metallomics 2013: 479-483, 2013
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