Laboratory in Medical Plants Garden

Analytical Chemistry for Pharmaceuticals

Course of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Teaching staffs

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Koyo Nishida, Ph. D. Professor
koyo-n[a] +81-95-819-8566  +81-95-819-8566 
Koji Yamada, Ph. D. Associate Professor kyamada[a] +81-95-819-2462  +81-95-819-2462 

Research interests

  • Studies on differentiation and substance production of plant tissue.
  • Studies on breeding and strain preservation of medicinal plants and functions of secondary metabolites
  • Chemo-pharmaceutical studies on biologicaqll active components derived from African medicinal plants.
  • Chemo-pharmaceutical studies on marine microbial products and bioactive components derived from marine invertebrates.
  • Construction of an extract library derived from natural resources as a drug discovery resource.

Selected publications

  • Riho Kurata , Kenji Shimizu, Xiaofeng Cui, Masamitsu Harada, Takayuki Isagawa, Hiroaki Semba,Jun Ishihara, Koji Yamada, Jun Nagai, Yasuhiro Yoshida, Norihiko Takeda, Koji, Maemura,Tomo Yonezawa: Novel Reporter SystemMonitoring IL-18 Specific Signaling Can Be Applied toHigh-Throughput Screening, Marine drugs, 18(2020), 60–71, 2020.
  • Nagat Ghareba, Norhan M. El-Sayedc, Reda Abdelhameedd, Yamada K, Mohamed Saleh Elgawishe: Toward a treatment of diabesity: Rational design, synthesis and biological evaluation of benzene-sulfonamide derivatives as a new class of PTP-1B inhibitors, Bioorganic Chemistry 86 (2019) 322–338, 2019.
  • Reda F. A. Abdelhameed, Sameh S. Elhady, Ahmad O. Noor, Diena M. Almasri, Alaa A. Bagalagel, Galal T. Maatooq, Amgad I. M. Khedr and Yamada K: Production of a New Cyclic Depsipeptide by the Culture Broth of Staphylococcus sp. Isolated from Corallina ocinalis L., Metabolites, 2019, 9, 273–281, 2019.
  • Mohamed S. Refaey, Reda A. Abdelhamid, Mohamed A. A. Orabi, Ahmmed A. Ali, Reda Fouad Ahmed Abdelhameed, Eman A. A. Mousa, Shinjiro Hamano, and Yamada K: Anew Iridodi Glucoside from Anisacanthus virgularis and Its Antiamoebic Activity, Heterocycles, 98 (9), 1229–1235, 2019.
  • Rania El-Shaheny, Mohamed Radwan, Yamada K and Mahmoud El-Maghrabey: Estimation of nizatidine gastric nitrosatability andproduct toxicity via an integrated approachcombining HILIC, in silico toxicology, andmolecular docking, Journal of Food and Drug Analysis, 27(4), 915–925, 2019.


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