Department of Cell Regulation

Analytical Chemistry for Pharmaceuticals

Course of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Teaching staffs

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Kohsuke Takeda,

DDS, Ph. D.


takeda-k[a] +81-95-819-2417  +81-95-819-2472 

Susumu Tanimura,

Ph. D.

Associate Professor

tani1211[a] +81-95-819-2419  +81-95-819-2472 
Jun Takouda, Assistant Professor j-tkd[a] +81-95-819-2418 +81-95-819-2472

Research interests

  • Mechanisms of mitochondrial sensing and stress response
  • Mitochondrial functions in the regulation of inflammation
  • Mechanisms of inflammatory death of macrophage lineage cells
  • Molecular mechanisms of cell motility
  • Construction of a marine microbial extract library and its application to drug discovery

Selected publications

  • Baba T, Tanimura S, Yamaguchi A, Horikawa K, Yokozeki M, Hachiya S, Iemura S, Natsume T, Matsuda N, Takeda K, Cleaved PGAM5 dephosphorylates nuclear serine/arginine-rich proteins during mitophagy. BBA Mol Cell Res 11868: 119045, 2021
  • Yamaguchi A, Ishikawa H, Furuoka M, Yokozeki M, Matsuda N, Tanimura S, Takeda K: Cleaved PGAM5 is released from mitochondria depending on proteasome-mediated rupture of the outer mitochondrial membrane during mitophagy. J Biochem 165: 19-25, 2019 
  • Honda S, Sadatomi D, Yamamura Y, Nakashioya K, Tanimura S, Takeda K: WP1066 suppresses macrophage cell death induced by inflammasome agonists independently of its inhibitory effect on STAT3. Cancer Sci 108: 520-527, 2017
  • Sadatomi D, Nakashioya K, Mamiya S, Honda S, Kameyama Y, Yamamura Y, Tanimura S, Takeda K: Mitochondrial function is required for extracellular ATP-induced NLRP3 inflammasome activation. J Biochem 161: 503-512, 2017
  • Tanimura S, Hashizume J, Arichika N, Watanabe K, Ohyama K, Takeda K, Kohno M: ERK signaling promotes cell motility by inducing the localization of myosin 1E to lamellipodial tips. J Cell Biol 214: 475-489, 2016


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