Department of Analytical Chemistry for Pharmaceuticals

Analytical Chemistry for Pharmaceuticals

Course of Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Naotaka Kuroda, Ph. D.

Naoya Kishikawa, Ph. D.
Associate Professor

Research interests

  • Development of sensitive analytical method for trace levels of biological substances and drugs and its application to clinical chemistry.
  • Development of organic reagent for fluorescence/chemiluminescence analysis.
  • Development of unique chemiluminescence reaction and its application to clinical, environmental and food analysis.
  • Development of novel silica gel column packing materials for HPLC and CEC.
  • Development and application of specific detection method for reactive oxygen species and antioxidants.

Selected publications

  • El-Maghrabey MH, Kishikawa N, Kamimura S, Ohyama K, Kuroda N:  Design of a dual functionalized chemiluminescence ultrasensitive probe for quinones based on their redox cycle. Application to the determination of doxorubicin in lyophilized powder and human serum. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 329: 129226, 2021
  • El-Maghrabey MH, Kishikawa N, Harada S, Ohyama K, Kuroda N: Quinone-based antibody labeling reagent for enzyme-free chemiluminescent immunoassays. Application to avidin and biotinylated anti-rabbit IgG labeling. Biosensors and Bioelectronics 160: 112215, 2020.
  • Kishikawa N, El-Maghrabey MH, Nagamune Y, Nagai K, Ohyama K, Kuroda N: A smart advanced chemiluminescence-sensing platform for determination and imaging of the tissue distribution of natural antioxidants. Analytical Chemistry, accepted 92: 6984-6992, 2020.
  • Ali MFB, Kishikawa N, Kuroda N: Development of HPLC method for estimation of glyoxylic acid after pre-column fluorescence derivatization approach based on thiazine derivative formation: A new application in healthy and cardiovascular patients’ sera. Journal of Chromatography B 1143: 122054, 2020.
  • El-Maghrabey MH, Kishikawa N, Kuroda N: Novel isotope-coded derivatization method for aldehydes using 14N/15N-ammonium acetate and 9,10-phenanthrenequinone. Analytical Chemistry 90: 13867-13875, 2018.


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