Department of Hygienic Chemistry and Toxicology

Analytical Chemistry for Pharmaceuticals

Course of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Teaching staffs

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Akira Toriba, Ph.D.



Yumi Abiko, Ph .D. Associate Professor  yumi.abiko.11[a] 

Sakura Yoshida, Ph .D. Assistant Professor  yoshida-s[a] 

Research interests

  • Environmental dynamics analysis for atmospheric organic pollutants
  • Studies on human exposure and health effects of environmental pollutants
  • Exploring of biomarkers of environmental exposure
  • Investigation of trace elements in biological systems
  • Synthesis of biologically active nanosphere containing metallic elementss

Selected publications

  • Ochirpurev B, ·Sang‑Yong Eom S-Y, Toriba A, Kim Y-D, Kim H, Urinary 1-aminopyrene level in Koreans as a biomarker for the amount of exposure to atmospheric 1-nitropyrene. Toxicol Res 38: 45-51, 2021
  • Abiko Y, Katayama Y, Akiyama M, Kumagai Y, Lipophilic compounds in garlic decrease the toxicity of methylmercury by forming sulfur adducts. Food Chem Toxicol 150: 112061, 2021
  • Kakimoto K, Akutsu K, Nagayoshi H, Konishi Y, Kajimura K, Tsukue N, Yoshino T, Matsumoto F, Nakano T, Tang N, Hayakawa K, Toriba A, Persistent organic pollutants in red-crowned cranes (Grus japonensis) from Hokkaido, Japan. Ecotoxicol Environ Safety 147: 367-372, 2018
  • Orakij W, Chetiyanukornkul T, Kasahara C, Boongla Y, Chuesaard T, Furuuchi M, Hata, M, Tang N, Hayakawa K, Toriba A, Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and their nitro-derivatives from indoor biomass fueled cooking in two rural areas of Thailand: a case study. Air Qual Atmos Health 10: 747-761, 2017
  • Yoshida S, Iwataka M, Fuchigami T, Haratake M, Nakayama M: In vitro assessment of bioavailability of selenium from a processed Japanese anchovy, Niboshi. Food Chem 269: 436-441, 2018


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