Department of Genome-based Drug Discovery

Genome-based Drug Discovery for Pharmaceuticals

Course of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Teaching staffs

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Nobuhisa Iwata, Ph.D. Professor iwata-n[a]

Keiro Shirotani, Ph.D. Associate Professor keiroshiro[a]

Daisuke Hatta, Ph.D. Assistant Professor hattad[a]

Kaori Watanabe, M.S. Technical Staff kaori-wi[a]

Research interests

  • Analysis of molecular mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease
  • Development of disease-modifying therapy and biomarker of Alzheimer's disease
  • Analysis of endogenous molecules that modulate neprilysin activity
  • Analysis of the Down syndrome-related genes implicated in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's diseases
  • Analysis of pathophysiological roles of convulsive neurological disease-causing gene PRRT2 in the synapse
  •  Analysis of tissue-specific gene expression mechanism in eukaryotes

Selected publications

  • Hatta D, Hori Y, Kurotaki N, Shirotani K, Iwata N: Activity-dependent cleavage of dyskinesia-related proline-rich transmembrane protein 2 (PRRT2) by calpain in mouse primary cortical neurons. FASEB J 34: 180-191, 2020
  • Shirotani K, Hori Y, Yoshizaki R, Higuchi E, Colonna M, Saito T, Hashimoto S, Saito T, Saido TC, Iwata N: Aminophospholipids are signal-transducing TREM2 ligands on apoptotic cells. Sci Rep 9: 4508, 2019
  • Kondo T, Imamura K, Funayama M, Tsukita K, Miyake M, Ohta A, Woltjen K, Nakagawa M, Asada T, Arai T, Kawakatsu S, Izumi Y, Kaji R, Iwata N, Inoue H: iPSC-based compound screening and in vitro trials identify a synergistic anti-amyloid β combination for Alzheimer's disease. Cell Rep 21: 2304-2312, 2017
  • Shirotani K, Asai M, Iwata N: Paradigm shift from diagnosing patients based on common symptoms to categorizing patients into subtypes with different pathogenic mechanisms to guide treatment for Alzheimer's disease. J Biochem 161: 463-470, 2017
  • Saito T, Matsuba Y, Mihira N, Takano J, Nilsson P, Itohara S, Iwata N, Saido TC: Single App knock-in mouse models of Alzheimer's disease. Nat Neurosci 17: 661-663, 2014


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