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JOURNAL CLUB (Apr. 1, 2014 - Mar. 31, 2015)

Here is a list of papers introduced in the seminar of our laboratory.
The lab undergraduate/graduate students choose from Alzheimer's disease-related and recently published papers with high impact.

・Apr. 1, 2017 - Mar. 31, 2018 
・Apr. 1, 2016 - Mar. 31, 2017 
・Apr. 1, 2015 - Mar. 31, 2016 
・Apr. 1, 2013 - Mar. 31, 2014 
・Apr. 1, 2012 - Mar. 31, 2013 

*, corresponding author; #, equal contribution

#44 (2015/03/13; by TM) [NEW]

Meng L, Ward AJ, Chun S, Bennett CF, Beaudet AL,* Rigo F*
Towards a therapy for Angelman syndrome by targeting a long non-coding RNA
Nature 2015;518(7539):409-412
PMID: 25470045

#43 (2015/03/13; by KM) [NEW]

Zhang M, Cai F, Zhang S, Zhang S, Song W*
Overexpression of ubiquitin carboxyl-terminal hydrolase L1 (UCHL1) delays Alzheimer's progression in vivo
Sci Rep 2014;4:7298
PMID: 25466238

#42 (2015/03/06; by EH)

Yang DS,* Stavrides P, Saito M, Kumar A, Rodriguez-Navarro JA, Pawlik M, Huo C, Walkley SU, Saito M, Cuervo AM, Nixon RA*
Defective macroautophagic turnover of brain lipids in the TgCRND8 Alzheimer mouse model: prevention by correcting lysosomal proteolytic deficits
Brain 2014;137(Pt 12):3300-3318
PMID: 25270989

#41 (2015/03/06; by SK)

Chen Y,# Peng Y,# Che P, Gannon M, Liu Y, Li L, Bu G, van Groen T, Jiao K, Wang Q*
α(2A) adrenergic receptor promotes amyloidogenesis through disrupting APP-SorLA interaction
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2014;111(48):17296-17301
PMID: 25404298

#40 (2015/02/27; by DH)

Wetzel-Smith MK,# Hunkapiller J,# Bhangale TR, Srinivasan K, Maloney JA, Atwal JK, Sa SM, Yaylaoglu MB, Foreman O, Ortmann W, Rathore N, Hansen DV, Tessier-Lavigne M; Alzheimer's Disease Genetics Consortium, Mayeux R, Pericak-Vance M, Haines J, Farrer LA, Schellenberg GD, Goate A, Behrens TW, Cruchaga C,* Watts RJ,* Graham RR*
A rare mutation in UNC5C predisposes to late-onset Alzheimer's disease and increases neuronal cell death
Nat Med 2014;20(12):1452-1457
PMID: 25419706

#39 (2015/02/27; by YH)

Šišková Z, Justus D, Kaneko H, Friedrichs D, Henneberg N, Beutel T, Pitsch J, Schoch S, Becker A, von der Kammer H, Remy S*
Dendritic structural degeneration is functionally linked to cellular hyperexcitability in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease
Neuron 2014;84(5):1023-1033
PMID: 25456500

#38 (2015/01/23; by RY)

Brickman AM, Khan UA, Provenzano FA, Yeung LK, Suzuki W, Schroeter H, Wall M, Sloan RP, Small SA*
Enhancing dentate gyrus function with dietary flavanols improves cognition in older adults
Nat Neurosci 2014;17(12):1798-1803
PMID: 25344629

#37 (2015/01/23; by RM)

Zhang X, Wu Y, Duan X, Chen W, Zou H, Zhang M, Zhang S, Cai F, Song W*
Upregulation of SET Expression by BACE1 and its Implications in Down Syndrome
Mol Neurobiol 2015;51(2):781-790
PMID: 24935721

#36 (2015/01/09; by TM)

Kinoshita C, Aoyama K, Matsumura N, Kikuchi-Utsumi K, Watabe M, Nakaki T*
Rhythmic oscillations of the microRNA miR-96-5p play a neuroprotective role by indirectly regulating glutathione levels
Nat Commun 2014;5:3823
PMID: 24804999

#35 (2015/01/09; by AK)

Luo HB,# Xia YY,# Shu XJ,# Liu ZC, Feng Y, Liu XH, Yu G, Yin G, Xiong YS, Zeng K, Jiang J, Ye K, Wang XC, Wang JZ*
SUMOylation at K340 inhibits tau degradation through deregulating its phosphorylation and ubiquitination
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2014;111(46):16586-16591
PMID: 25378699

#34 (2014/12/19; by KM)

Zhang Z, Song M, Liu X, Kang SS, Kwon IS, Duong DM, Seyfried NT, Hu WT, Liu Z, Wang JZ, Cheng L,* Sun YE, Yu SP, Levey AI, Ye K*
Cleavage of tau by asparagine endopeptidase mediates the neurofibrillary pathology in Alzheimer's disease
Nat Med 2014;20(11):1254-1262
PMID: 25326800

#33 (2014/12/19; by RY)

Kang H, Shin JH*
Repression of rRNA transcription by PARIS contributes to Parkinson's disease
Neurobiol Dis 2014;73C:220-228
PMID: 25315684

#32 (2014/12/12; by YH)

Liu CC, Tsai CW, Deak F, Rogers J, Penuliar M, Sung YM, Maher JN, Fu Y, Li X, Xu H, Estus S, Hoe HS, Fryer JD, Kanekiyo T, Bu G*
Deficiency in LRP6-mediated Wnt signaling contributes to synaptic abnormalities and amyloid pathology in Alzheimer's disease
Neuron 2014;84(1):63-77
PMID: 25242217

#31 (2014/12/12; by DH)

Choi SH,# Kim YH,# Hebisch M, Sliwinski C, Lee S, D'Avanzo C, Chen H, Hooli B, Asselin C, Muffat J, Klee JB, Zhang C, Wainger BJ, Peitz M, Kovacs DM, Woolf CJ, Wagner SL, Tanzi RE,* Kim DY*
A three-dimensional human neural cell culture model of Alzheimer's disease
Nature 2014;515(7526):274-278
PMID: 25307057

#30 (2014/12/05; by RM)

Fernandez MA, Klutkowski JA, Freret T, Wolfe MS*
Alzheimer presenilin-1 mutations dramatically reduce trimming of long amyloid β-peptides (Aβ) by γ-secretase to increase 42-to-40-residue Aβ
J Biol Chem 2014;289(45):31043-31052
PMID: 25239621

#29 (2014/11/14; by YN)

Xu J, Chatterjee M, Baguley TD, Brouillette J, Kurup P, Ghosh D, Kanyo J, Zhang Y, Seyb K, Ononenyi C, Foscue E, Anderson GM, Gresack J, Cuny GD, Glicksman MA, Greengard P, Lam TT, Tautz L, Nairn AC, Ellman JA, Lombroso PJ*
Inhibitor of the tyrosine phosphatase STEP reverses cognitive deficits in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease
PLoS Biol 2014;12(8):e1001923
PMID: 25093460

#28 (2014/11/07; by AT)

Seo J, Giusti-Rodriguez P, Zhou Y, Rudenko A, Cho S, Ota KT, Park C, Patzke H, Madabhushi R, Pan L, Mungenast AE, Guan JS, Delalle I, Tsai LH*
Activity-dependent p25 generation regulates synaptic plasticity and Aβ-induced cognitive impairment
Cell 2014;157(2):486-498
PMID: 24725413

#27 (2014/11/07; by RK)

Latimer CS, Brewer LD, Searcy JL, Chen KC, Popovi? J, Kraner SD, Thibault O, Blalock EM, Landfield PW, Porter NM*
Vitamin D prevents cognitive decline and enhances hippocampal synaptic function in aging rats
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2014;111(41):E4359-E4366
PMID: 25267625

#26 (2014/10/24; by TM)

Hamada K,* Terauchi A, Nakamura K, Higo T, Nukina N, Matsumoto N, Hisatsune C, Nakamura T, Mikoshiba K*
Aberrant calcium signaling by transglutaminase-mediated posttranslational modification of inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptors
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2014;111(38):E3966-E3975
PMID: 25201980

#25 (2014/10/24; by KI)

Elmore MR, Najafi AR, Koike MA, Dagher NN, Spangenberg EE, Rice RA, Kitazawa M, Matusow B, Nguyen H, West BL, Green KN*
Colony-stimulating factor 1 receptor signaling is necessary for microglia viability, unmasking a microglia progenitor cell in the adult brain
Neuron 2014;82(2):380-397
PMID: 24742461

#24 (2014/10/10; by YK)

Baleriola J, Walker CA, Jean YY, Crary JF, Troy CM, Nagy PL, Hengst U*
Axonally synthesized ATF4 transmits a neurodegenerative signal across brain regions
Cell 2014;158(5):1159-1172
PMID: 25171414

#23 (2014/10/10; by EH)

Yuyama K, Sun H, Sakai S, Mitsutake S, Okada M, Tahara H, Furukawa J, Fujitani N, Shinohara Y, Igarashi Y*
Decreased amyloid-β pathologies by intracerebral loading of glycosphingolipid-enriched exosomes in Alzheimer model mice
J Biol Chem 2014;289(35):24488-24498
PMID: 25037226

#22 (2014/10/03; by EK)

Jo S,# Yarishkin O,# Hwang YJ, Chun YE, Park M, Woo DH, Bae JY, Kim T, Lee J, Chun H, Park HJ, Lee da Y, Hong J, Kim HY, Oh SJ, Park SJ, Lee H, Yoon BE, Kim Y, Jeong Y, Shim I, Bae YC, Cho J, Kowall NW, Ryu H, Hwang E, Kim D,* Lee CJ*
GABA from reactive astrocytes impairs memory in mouse models of Alzheimer's disease
Nat Med 2014;20(8):886-896
PMID: 24973918

#21 (2014/10/03; by SK)

Lu P, Bai XC, Ma D, Xie T, Yan C, Sun L, Yang G, Zhao Y, Zhou R, Scheres SH,* Shi Y*
Three-dimensional structure of human γ-secretase
Nature 2014;512(7513):166-170
PMID: 25043039

#20 (2014/07/31; by AT)

Frakes AE, Ferraiuolo L, Haidet-Phillips AM, Schmelzer L, Braun L, Miranda CJ, Ladner KJ, Bevan AK, Foust KD, Godbout JP, Popovich PG, Guttridge DC, Kaspar BK*
Microglia induce motor neuron death via the classical NF-κB pathway in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Neuron 2014;81(5):1009-1023
PMID: 24607225

#19 (2014/07/31; by YN)

Yang G, Lai CS, Cichon J, Ma L, Li W, Gan WB*
Sleep promotes branch-specific formation of dendritic spines after learning
Science 2014;344(6188):1173-1178
PMID: 24904169

#18 (2014/07/23; by KI)

Hasegawa H, Liu L, Tooyama I, Murayama S, Nishimura M*
The FAM3 superfamily member ILEI ameliorates Alzheimer's disease-like pathology by destabilizing the penultimate amyloid-β precursor
Nat Commun 2014;5:3917
PMID: 24894631

#17 (2014/07/23; by RY)

Jahrling JB, Hernandez CM, Denner L, Dineley KT*
PPARγ recruitment to active ERK during memory consolidation is required for Alzheimer's disease-related cognitive enhancement
J Neurosci 2014;34(11):4054-4063
PMID: 24623782

#16 (2014/07/18; by YN)

Boehm-Cagan A, Michaelson DM*
Reversal of apoE4-driven brain pathology and behavioral deficits by bexarotene
J Neurosci 2014;34(21):7293-7301
PMID: 24849361

#15 (2014/07/18; by KM)

Laurent C, Eddarkaoui S, Derisbourg M, Leboucher A, Demeyer D, Carrier S, Schneider M, Hamdane M, Mϋller CE, Buée L, Blum D*
Beneficial effects of caffeine in a transgenic model of Alzheimer's disease-like tau pathology
Neurobiol Aging 2014;35(9):2079-2090
PMID: 24780254

#14 (2014/06/20; by RK)

Zhang J, Zhu Y, Zhan G, Fenik P, Panossian L, Wang MM, Reid S, Lai D, Davis JG, Baur JA, Veasey S*
Extended wakefulness: compromised metabolics in and degeneration of locus ceruleus neurons
J Neurosci 2014;34(12):4418-4431
PMID: 24647961

#13 (2014/06/20; by YH)

Villeda SA,* Plambeck KE,# Middeldorp J,# Castellano JM,# Mosher KI,# Luo J, Smith LK, Bieri G, Lin K, Berdnik D, Wabl R, Udeochu J, Wheatley EG, Zou B, Simmons DA, Xie XS, Longo FM, Wyss-Coray T*
Young blood reverses age-related impairments in cognitive function and synaptic plasticity in mice
Nat Med 2014;20(6):659-663
PMID: 24793238

#12 (2014/06/13; by SK)

Li JG, Chu J, Barrero C, Merali S, Praticò D*
Homocysteine exacerbates β-amyloid pathology, tau pathology, and cognitive deficit in a mouse model of Alzheimer disease with plaques and tangles
Ann Neurol 2014;75(6):851-863
PMID: 24644038

#11 (2014/06/06; by TM)

Morihara T,* Hayashi N, Yokokoji M, Akatsu H, Silverman MA, Kimura N, Sato M, Saito Y, Suzuki T, Yanagida K, Kodama TS, Tanaka T, Okochi M, Tagami S, Kazui H, Kudo T, Hashimoto R, Itoh N, Nishitomi K, Yamaguchi-Kabata Y, Tsunoda T, Takamura H, Katayama T, Kimura R, Kamino K, Hashizume Y, Takeda M
Transcriptome analysis of distinct mouse strains reveals kinesin light chain-1 splicing as an amyloid-β accumulation modifier
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2014;111(7):2638-2643
PMID: 24497505

#10 (2014/06/06; by EH)

Dinkins MB, Dasgupta S, Wang G, Zhu G, Bieberich E*
Exosome reduction in vivo is associated with lower amyloid plaque load in the 5XFAD mouse model of Alzheimer's disease
Neurobiol Aging 2014;35(8):1792-17800
PMID: 24650793

#09 (2014/05/23; by TK)

Brigidi GS, Sun Y, Beccano-Kelly D, Pitman K, Mobasser M, Borgland SL, Milnerwood AJ, Bamji SX*
Palmitoylation of δ-catenin by DHHC5 mediates activity-induced synapse plasticity
Nat Neurosci 2014;17(4):522-532
PMID: 24562000

#08 (2014/05/23; by DL)

Wu Z,* Sun L, Hashioka S, Yu S, Schwab C, Okada R, Hayashi Y, McGeer PL, Nakanishi H*
Differential pathways for interleukin-1β production activated by chromogranin A and amyloid β in microglia
Neurobiol Aging 2013;34(12):2715-2725
PMID: 23831373

#07 (2014/05/16; by YK)

Zhang J, Malik A, Choi HB, Ko RW, Dissing-Olesen L, MacVicar BA*
Microglial CR3 activation triggers long-term synaptic depression in the hippocampus via NADPH oxidase
Neuron 2014;82(1):195-207
PMID: 24631344

#06 (2014/05/16; by DH)

Begum G, Yan HQ, Li L, Singh A, Dixon CE, Sun D*
Docosahexaenoic acid reduces ER stress and abnormal protein accumulation and improves neuronal function following traumatic brain injury
J Neurosci 2014;34(10):3743-3755
PMID: 24599472

#05 (2014/05/02; by MH)

Lu T, Aron L, Zullo J, Pan Y, Kim H, Chen Y, Yang TH, Kim HM, Drake D, Liu XS, Bennett DA, Colaiácovo MP, Yankner BA*
REST and stress resistance in ageing and Alzheimer's disease
Nature 2014;507(7493):448-454
PMID: 24670762

#04 (2014/05/02; by AK)

Kurabayashi N, Sanada K*
Increased dosage of DYRK1A and DSCR1 delays neuronal differentiation in neocortical progenitor cells
Genes Dev 2013;27(24):2708-2721
PMID: 24352425

#03 (2014/04/10; by EK)

Frost B, Hemberg M, Lewis J, Feany MB*
Tau promotes neurodegeneration through global chromatin relaxation
Nat Neurosci 2014;17(3):357-366
PMID: 24464041

#02 (2014/04/10; by NA)

Brawek B, Schwendele B, Riester K, Kohsaka S, Lerdkrai C, Liang Y, Garaschuk O*
Impairment of in vivo calcium signaling in amyloid plaque-associated microglia
Acta Neuropathol 2014;127(4):495-505
PMID: 24407428

#01 (2014/04/04; by RM)

Cheng X, He P, Lee T, Yao H, Li R, Shen Y*
High activities of BACE1 in brains with mild cognitive impairment
Am J Pathol 2014;184(1):141-147
PMID: 24332014


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