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Associate Professor Appoints

Hidefumi Muaki, Ph.D, was appointed as an associate professor in our laboratory.

He came from Laboratory for Molecular Delivery and Imaging Technology at RIKEN.

We're looking forward to working with you!!

[20200604 Authored by Masuda]

Wellcome to Nagasaki!!

Dr.Monika Rak join us from Poland!!

Dr.Monika is third from left in the front row on this picture.

[20190708 Authored by Masuda]

The New Album

Just renewed the Album page.

[April 20th 2015 Authored by miura]

Just moved.

We have just moved to Nagasaki University Hospital.
Please confirm our new phone number and new address.

[March 10th 2015 Authored by miura]


More photos in Album Page.

[May 18th 2014 Authored by miura]


Enjoy our new web site!

[April 16th 2014 Authored by miura]

Lab Name Changed.

Division of Analytical Research for Pharmacoinformatics

Department of Pharmaceutical Informatics

[April 16th 2014 Authored by miura]


Happy Graduation!

[March 25th 2014 Authored by miura]

Farewell Party!

[March 21st 2014 Authored by miura]


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