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  • Development of targeted drug delivery system using physical stimuli
  • Design and evaluation of ligand modified liposomes
  • Development of gene delivery system and its application
  • Evaluation of pharmaceutical products for effective and safe use

Research Achievements

Latest update: March 19, 2018

Research Achievements (2018)


English, Review

English, Original papers

  1. Hagimori M, Temma T, Kudo S, Sano K, Kondo N, Mukai T: Synthesis of radioiodinated probes targeted toward matrix metalloproteinase-12, Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 28(2), 193-195 (2018) (IF: 2.454)
  2. Kodama Y, Hanamura H, Muro T, Nakagawa H, Kurosaki T, Nakamura T, Kitahara T, Kawakami S, Nakashima M, Sasaki H: Gene delivery system of pDNA using the blood glycoprotein fetuin, Journal of Drug Targeting, in press (IF: 3.068)
  3. Miura Y, Fuchigami Y, Hagimori M, Sato H, Ogawa K, Munakata C, Wada M, Maruyama K, Kawakami S†: Evaluation of the targeted delivery of 5-fluorouracil and ascorbic acid into the brain with ultrasound-responsive nanobubbles, Journal of Drug Targeting, in press (IF: 3.068) (†: corresponding author)
  4. Ogawa K, Fuchigami Y, Hagimori M, Fumoto S, Miura Y, Kawakami S†: Efficient gene transfection of the brain with ultrasound irradiation in mice using stabilized bubble lipopolyplexes prepared by the surface charge regulation method, International Journal of Nanomedicine, in press (IF: 4.300) (†: corresponding author)
  5. Munakata C, Fuchigami Y, Makizoe T, Miura Y, Yamaoka M, Sasahara S, Hata K, Tachiki H, Sasaki H, Hagimori M, Kawakami S†: Effect of pH and additives on the compatibility between vancomycin and furosemide injections. Yakugaku Zasshi, in press (2018) (IF: 0.324) (†: corresponding author)
  6. Haraguchi A, Fuchigami Y, Kawaguchi M, Fumoto S, Ohyama K, Shimizu K, Hagimori M, Kawakami S†: Determining transgene expression characteristics using a suction device with multiple hole adjusting a left lateral lobe of the mouse liver, Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, in press (2018) (IF: 1.683) (†: corresponding author)


Conference presentation


  1. Others

    1. 川上 茂、三浦雄介、小川昂輝、植木郁花、西村光洋、渕上由貴、萩森政頼:多色深部イメージングを利用した超音波応答型遺伝子送達システムの開発、平成29年度 第4回超音波分子診断治療研究会、2018年3月3日、福岡


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