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Publications Originals (2015)

1.      Mukae T, Uchida H, Ueda H:Donepezil reverses intermittent stress-induced generalized chronic pain syndrome in mice. JPET 353:471-479,2015

2.      Uchida H, Matsushita Y, Araki K, Mukae T, Ueda H:Histone deacetylase inhibitors relieve morphine resistance in neuropathic pain after peripheral nerve injury. J Pharmacol Sci 128(4):208-211,2015

3.      Omotuyi OI, Nagai J ,Ueda H: Lys39-Lysophosphatidate Carbonyl Oxygen Interaction Locks LPA1 N-terminal Cap to the Orthosteric Site and partners Arg124 During Receptor Activation.Scientific Reports 5(13343),2015

4.      Sasaki K,Omotuyi OI,Ueda M,Shinohara K , Ueda H: NMDA receptor agonists reverse impaired psychomotor and cognitive functions associated with hippocampal Hbegf-deficiency in mice . Mol Brain 8(1):83,2015

5.      Xie K, Masuho I, Shih CC, Cao Y, Sasaki K, Lai CW, Han PL, Ueda H, Dessauer CW, Ehrlich ME, Xu B, Willardson BM, Martemyanov KA:Stable G protein-effector complexes in striatal neurons: mechanism of assembly and role in neurotransmitter signaling. ELife 10451,2015

6.      Halder SK, Matsunaga H, Ishii K, Ueda H: Prothymosin-alpha preconditioning activates TLR4-TRIF signaling to induce protection of ischemic retina. J Neurochem. 135:1161-1177,2015

7.      Ueda H, Halder SK, Matsunaga H, Sasaki K, Maeda S: Neuroprotective impact of prothymosin alpha-derived hexapeptide against retinal ischemia-reperfusion.Neuroscience 318:206-218,2016

8.      Omotuyi OI , Ueda H: Energetics and Protomer Communication in the dynamical Structure of S100A13 in Free and Protein-Bound States. Molecular Simulation  p1-8,2015

9.      Mukae T, Fujita W, Ueda H: P-glycoprotein inhibitors improve effective dose and time of pregabalin to inhibit intermittent cold stress-induced central pain. J Pharmacol Sci. 2016

10. Caroline Mwendwa Kijogi, Christopher Khayeka-Wandabwa, Sasaki K, Yoshimasa Tanaka Y, Kurosu H, Matsunaga H, Ueda H: Prothymosin alpha variants isolated from CD8+ T cells and cervicovaginal fluids suppress HIV replication through type I IFN induction. BMC Physiol 16(2):1-13,2016