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Publications Originals (2013)

1. Halder SK, Matsunaga H, Yamaguchi H, Ueda H: Novel neuroprotective action of prothymosin alpha-derived peptide against retinal and brain ischemic damages. J Neurochem. 125(5):713-723 

2.Matsushita Y, Omotuyi IO, Mukae T, Ueda H: Microglia Activation Precedes the Anti-Opioid BDNF and NMDA Receptor Mechanisms Underlying Morphine Analgesic Tolerance. Curr Pharm Des. 19(42):7355-7361

3. Uchida H, Matsushita Y, Ueda H :Epigenetic regulation of BDNF expression in the primary sensory neurons after peripheral nerve injury: implications in the development of neuropathic pain. Neuroscience. 240:147-154 

4. Halder SK, Sugimoto J, Matsunaga H, Ueda H:Therapeutic benefits of 9-amino acidpeptide derived from prothymosin alpha against ischemic damages .Peptides.43:68-75 

5. Halder SK, Matsunaga H, Ish KJ 2nd, Akira S, Miyake K, Ueda H:Retinal cell type-specific prevention of ischemia-induced damages by LPS-TLR4 signaling through microglia. J Neurochem. 126(2):243-260 

6. Miyabe Y, Miyabe C, Iwai Y, Takayasu A, Fukuda S, Yokoyama W, Nagai J, Jona M, Tokuhara Y, Okawa R,  Ovaa H, Aoki J, Chun J, Yatomi Y, Ueda H, Miyasaka M, Miyasaka N,Nanki T: Necessity of lysophosphatidic acid receptor LPA1 is essential for development of arthritis. Arthritis & Rheumatism. 65(8):2037-2047

7. Ma L, Nagai J, Chun Jerold,Ueda H: An LPAspecies (18:1 LPA) plays key roles in the self-amplification of spinal LPA production in the peripheral neuropathic pain model. Mol Pain. 9(1):29

8.Yano R, Ma L, Nagai J, Ueda H.Interleukin-1β Plays Key Roles in LPA-Induced Amplification of LPA Production in Neuropathic Pain Model. Cell Mol Neurobiol. 33(8):1033-41

9. Matsushita Y, Araki K, Omotuyi OI, Mukae T, Ueda H. HDAC inhibitors restore C-fiber sensitivity in experimental neuropathic pain model. Br J Pharmacol. 170(5):991-8 

10. Omotuyi OI, Ueda H. A Novel Unified Ab initio and template-based Approach to GPCR Modeling: Case of EDG-LPA Receptors. Current Bioinformatics.8(5):603-610

11. Omotuyi OI, Ueda H.Descriptor-based Fitting of Structurally Diverse LPA1 Inhibitors into a Single predictive Mathematical Model. Journal of Physical Chemistry & Biophysics.3:3