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Publications Originals (2008)
  1. Matsunaga H, Ueda H.
    Synergistic Ca2+ and Cu2+ requirements of the FGF1-S100A13 interaction measured by quartz crystal microbalance: an initial step in amlexanox-reversible non-classical release of FGF1.
    Neurochem Int. 52(6):1076-85, 2008.
  2. M Inoue, L Ma, J Aoki, J Chun, H Ueda.
    Autotaxin, a synthetic enzyme of lysophosphatidic acid (LPA), mediates the induction of nerve-injured neuropathic pain.
    Mol. pain. 4:6, 2008.
  3. M Inoue, W Xie, Y Matsushita, J Chun, J Aoki, H Ueda.
    Lysophosphatidylcholine induces neuropathic pain through an action of autotaxin to generate lysophosphatidic acid.
    Neuroscience . 152(2):296-8, 2008.
  4. M Matsumoto, W Xie, L Ma, H Ueda.
    Pharmacological switch in Abeta-fiber stimulation-induced spinal transmission in mice with partial sciatic nerve injury.
    Mol. pain. 4:25, 2008.
  5. R Fujita, Y Ma, H Ueda.
    Lysophosphatidic acid-induced membrane ruffling and brain-derived neurotrophic factor gene expression are mediated by ATP release in primary microglia.
    J. Neurochem. 107(1): 152-60, 2008.
  6. K Mizota, H Ueda.
    2N-terminus of MAP2C as a neurosteroid-binding site.
    Neuroreport. 19(15): 1529-33, 2008.
  7. W Xie, M Matsumoto, J Chun, H Ueda.
    Involvement of LPA1 receptor signaling in the reorganization of spinal input through Abeta-fibers in mice with partial sciatic nerve injury
    Mol Pain. 2008 Oct 15;4:46.
  8. Nishiyori M, Ueda H.
    Prolonged gabapentin analgesia in an experimental mouse model of fibromyalgia.
    Mol Pain. 6;4:52, 2008 Nov.
  9. M Inoue, L Ma, J Aoki, H Ueda.
    Simultaneous stimulation of spinal neurokinin 1 and NMDA receptors produces lysophosphatidylcholine, which undergoes autotaxin-mediated conversion to lysophosphatidic acid, an initiator of neuropathic pain
    J Neurochem. 107(6):1556-65, 2008 Dec.