A Strontium-90 Sequestrant for First-Aid Treatment of Radiation Emergency

In this study, hydrophilic porous polymer beads with phosphonic acid groups (PGMA-EGDMA-TTA-MP)
were synthesized, and assessed as a radioactive strontium-90 sequestrant for the treatment of the radiation
emergency. Strontium ions were rapidly absorbed into the blood from the gastrointestinal (GI) tract after
oral administration to rats, and distributed to the target organ, i.e., bones. Over 40% of the administered
strontium was absorbed into the blood, while the remainder was discharged in the feces within 48 h after
the administration. When the PGMA-EGDMA-TTA-MP beads were administered to rats subsequent to the
strontium solution, the strontium had accumulated less in the femur. Consequently, the oral administration
of the PGMA-EGDMA-TTA-MP beads was effective in suppressing the absorption of strontium from the GI