An assessment of Niboshi (a processed Japanese anchovy) as an effective food source of selenium.


Niboshi is processed from the small Japanese anchovy with a 3-6 cm length by a several- minute boiling and subsequent drying. It is usually used in avariety of Japanese dishes. We assessed the Niboshi and its extract as fbod source of the micronutrient selenium (Se). The Se content in the Niboshi was 1.14}0.01g/g and up to 60% of its total Se was foun in the abdominal part.After the fbeding of Niboshi-supplemented diets for 7 weeks to mice, @the organ Se contents and hepatic cellular and plasma glutathione peroxidase (GPx) activities were comparable to those of selenious acid (SA)-fed mice. As the Niboshi is a processed foodstuff for extracting a base seasoning used in many Japanese dishes, the absorptivity of Se from its extract was further examined in dietary Se-depleted mice.
The daily oral administration of the Niboshi extract to the mice for 7 days improved the Se contents in the blood and liver and the GPx activities. Thus, the Niboshi can serve as an efficient dietary source of Se in mice. Tbking the daily intake habit of the Niboshi into consideration, it would contribute to the dietary intake of SeinJapanD