Penicillamine selenotrisulfide as a selenium source in mice.


In this paper, We compared the bioavailability of penicillamine selenotrisulfideiPenSSeSPenjwith the authentic selenium-source compound, Selenite. When PenSSeSPen was orally administered to selenium-deficient mice for 7days, Selenium contents of blood, liver and heart slgnificantly increased as well asselenite. Inaddition, When PenSSeSPen-supplemented diet was fed to 3-Week old mice for 7 weeks, Selenium contents of selected organs were almost the same as those of selenite, and hepatic cellular glutathione peroxidase (GPx) activity was also observed.
These fhcts evidently indicate that PenSSeSPen, a totally foreign Seleniumcompound, serves as a Selenium-source compound.