A new 68Ge/68Ga generator system using an organic polymer containing N-methylglucamine groups as adsorbent for 68Ge.


A macroporous styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer containing N-methylglucamine groups was selected for a new 68Ge/68Ga generator system. This resin packed into a column effectively adsorbed the parent nuclide 68Ge. The daughter 68Ga was eluted fromthe resin with a solution of a low-affinity galliumchelating ligand such as citric or phosphoric acid. The 68Ge leakage was less than 0.0004% of the 68Ge adsorbed on the resin. By simple mixing of transferrin and desferoxamine conjugated HSA and IgG with the eluate from the column, 68Ga-labeling was completed in high yield.